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Trisomy 14 detected on CVS

3 cases of trisomy 14 detected in CVS  were reported by Hahneman & Vejerslev, 1997. Two cases were non-mosaic and one mosaic in CVS, but trisomy was not confirmed in the fetus in any of these three cases.  

Trisomy 14 detected on amniocentesis

Hsu (1997) reported on 5 cases of trisomy 14 mosaicism detected in amniotic fluid.  2 were reportedly abnormal. 1 had multiple congenital anomalies and facial dysmorphism and the other had hydrocephaly.

Trisomy 14 detected postnatally


Uniparental Disomy (UPD 14)

UPD studies are important for cases of trisomy 14 mosaicism because there is known imprinting on chromosome 14. The finding of hydrocephaly in the case above is compatible with maternal UPD14 (Hsu, 1997). Segmental UPD has been reported for this chromosomes (Coveler etal 2002).

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